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Plant Population

Stand Count/Crop Count to count the numbers of crops on a field. A complete image driven algorithm for near-perfect yield prediction.

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Plant height Distribution

Plant Height Distribution during the growth phase of crops. An automated measurement technique for precise solutions.

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Nitrogen & Phosphorus Deficiencies

Identify Nitrogen & Phosphorus deficient regions with pin-point accuracy & address remedies locally to save on fertilizer cost.

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Crop Density

Leaf growth based Measurement assessing density of crop distribution – plot wise, grid wise, farm wise, etc.

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Chlorophyll Content

Assess chlorophyll content of crops to ascertain crop vigour & growth rate.

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Maturity Index

Assign Maturity Index to crops based on growth pattern to ascertain harvest dates.


Image driven precise Stand Count/Crop Count algorithms for counting of corn crops across stages.

Region specific Nutrient Deficiencies during growth stage of crops to assess plant damage on a periodic basis & suggest remedial measures.


Plant Height Distribution localized across AOIs for efficient booster fertilizer administration.

Index to identify high concentration of bio mass based on sensitivity in vegetation.

Predict Yield based on growth pattern over gestation cycle.

Relative Plant height distribution amongst plots or grids within the same terrain levels to identify & administer booster fertilizer for growth uniformity

Macro nutrient deficiency in crops across every row with precise lat/long to enable localised problem solving. Save on fertilizer costs.


Canopy Density across plots through precise spectral mapping.

Identify gaps, nutrient deficient crops, rows of plots & administer precise remedial measures

Chlorophyll Indexing to obtain state of maturity of crops.

Obtain precise information on crop growth, density & maturity.


Relative Maturity Date Assessment based on growth stage of crops.

Historical data collection to characterize soil conditions for defined & increased productivity.