Manage Solar PV sites efficiently throughout their lifecycle: Ideate, design & plan site installations, assess & evaluate construction progress and decipher module effectiveness through thermography. A one-stop solution for your plant monitor.


topography-map topography-map

Topography and land terrain maps

Obtain Digital terrain models, topography layout and contour levels to plan module installation.

categorize1 categorize1

Visualize and Categorize Asset Construction Status

Monitor status of construction through virtual site view with precise and detailed illustration of every structure (VP, MMS, Modules).

compare1 compare1

Compare Plan vs Actual

Evaluate design accuracy and compare deviations of design from actual work at site.

crop1 crop1

3D Models of ICR, Trenches

Measure depth of trenches, building heights and panel tilt angle measurements.

panel panel

Hotspots and Panel Defects

Aerial Thermography to classify hotspots, critical defects and damages as per IEC standards.

module module

Module-wise defect characterization

Precise, location specific and simple visualization to address immediate problem solving.



Identify, assess and monitor construction progress of each structural element (VP, purlins, modules).

Visualize trench depths, measure cable lengths, building heights, etc through precise 3D models.

Compare construction progress of individual elements and inverter blocks through the entire duration of project.


Get precise & accurate reports on site progress.


Defect classification based on IEC standards – RCA of hotspots.

Criticality based reporting for priority based problem solving.

Precise, measurable and complete reporting for further analysis and corrective measures.

Historical data collection on cloud to review & assess panel degradation levels.